Top 10 Metaverse Games To Immerse Yourself Into (2022)

Top 10 Metaverse Games

The term “metaverse” has become increasingly popular in recent years as many businesses embrace its status as the technology of the future economy. While the word is getting more commonly used as “internet” and “online,” its definition can still be vague. Since the metaverse is described as the next “big thing,” it’s worth exploring more.

What is metaverse games?

“Metaverse games” refer to technologies that provide people with experiences to become part of connected digital worlds. A combination of the Greek word Meta—which means beyond—and the word universe, it’s pretty much an extension of the real world. Real people use online games and apps to enter and interact with others in these 3D “worlds,” where they represent themselves as avatars.

The activities in these virtual communities reflect those in the physical world. Players can create items, sell or buy them, and invest in and reward others. The metaverse seamlessly blends games, virtual reality, live-streaming, cryptocurrencies, and social media as players move across an ecosystem of competing products.

Metaverse Games

For instance, a player who acquires a digital art piece from one game, which a particular company develops, can use the same item in another game made by a different company. Unlike familiar digital games today, things happen in real-time in Top metaverse games, where there are no pauses, game overs, or resets.

Moreover, fast internet connections and powerful virtual reality headsets provide immersive experiences, including 360-degree views of the digital environment. Haptic gloves and jackets offer a physical sense of touch.

Top Metaverse Games

Metaverse games can range from official Meta experiences to more popular dominant ones. Here is the list of best metaverse games leading the gaming industry.

1. Rec Room

Rec Room is another community-based Metaverse game that offers a lot of variety. Like other Metaverse games, players can don an avatar and become a Rec Roomer. Rec Room is a digital world where gamers gather to socialize and connect.

The game boasts millions of player-created rooms with the option to expand even further. Like VRChat, you can customize your avatar to personalize them even further. Rec Room incorporates elements of VRChat while introducing even more gamification to the genre. Besides just hanging out together, Rec Roomers can play an immense number of games that the entire community can create.

However, the best thing about Rec Room is that it can be cross-played on almost any platform. So whether you’re using a mobile device, a PC, or even a VR headset, you can download Rec Room and play with any player on any platform.

2. Horizon Worlds

The metaverse concept has been pushed a lot recently by Meta. So a big entry inside the metaverse is through the company’s app. Titled “Horizon Worlds”, the app is a social experience in which Meta users can get together and have fun. The users inside this app can explore different areas, socialize, and even play interactive puzzles and other intensive games.

Moreover, Horizon Worlds allows users to create and have fun inside their own worlds. Horizon Worlds is an app experience that dabbles in gaming and allows your avatar to interact as you with a plethora of users. If you’re looking for a Metaverse game like the one described, get Horizon Worlds for your Quest 2 and dive i

3. Fortnite

Over the years, Fortnite has slowly transformed into a game that can not only be played but experienced. A lot has been introduced, from creating a black hole to introducing limited Fortnite Impostors. However, the most outstanding entry into the metaverse has been in the form of live concerts held inside Fortnite.

If you’re already a Fortnite veteran, you must have attended Travis Scott’s live concert or even been there when Marshmello was in Fortnite. Events like these are slowly transforming the game into a Metaverse one. Players use their drop-in characters to not only play but interact with other players and participate in events like these.

4. Vrchat

If you like Horizon Worlds but it’s not available in your country, VRChat is another solid option. This community-based Metaverse game was initially released back in 2014. Since then, it has slowly made its way onto multiple platforms, including the Oculus Quest 2.

Hosting multiple worlds based inside the VRChat universe, this Metaverse game has users create their 3D avatars and interact with other users. Avatars in VRChat can be as silly as you want and feature multiple pop culture and anime characters.

While VRChat’s gameplay is similar to Horizon Worlds, it currently has more variety since it’s been here long. Players can visit countless worlds in VRChat, which range from different yet beautiful locations. These worlds are mostly user-generated and are only limited by the creator’s imagination.

Moreover, the avatars in VRChat support almost a full range of motion, so all the VR user’s emotions are portrayed in their character. VRChat has been consistently played by many users looking to get into the metaverse.

5. Roblox

Roblox is a sandbox game that will not require a VR headset. This gaming platform has recently exploded in popularity and continues to be where millions live their secondary life. Roblox allows users to create their block-sized characters and play through a wide variety of different games.

 Roblox houses over half a million games that are divided into multiple categories. There’s a lot on offer, from the scariest Horror games on Roblox to action-packed ones. Moreover, there are dedicated roleplaying Roblox servers where players gather and roleplay as different people inside the game.

6. Sandbox

Based on the Ethereum blockchain technology, Sandbox is a Metaverse game that has quickly garnered a lot of popularity. Sandbox offers players a virtual world where they can build and monetize their own virtual experiences. There is also a virtual market where players can browse and buy items in exchange for Sand, the game’s official currency.

Sandbox is also a Metaverse game that offers players a plot of virtual land in the form of NFTs. Players can browse through the virtual map and choose a spot of land they feel they should get and buy it through their crypto wallet. However, besides the virtual ownership, Sandbox offers a beautiful virtual world that gamers can explore at leisure.

 Like similar Metaverse games, you can create an avatar and go around socializing with folks. Various quests are spread throughout the game that can be completed for multiple rewards. Sandbox is a crypto project that, while early in its stages, packs potential for both simple and crypto gamers.

7. Axie Infinity

Initially launched in 2018, Axie Infinity has proven one of the most popular play-to-earn games in the metaverse. Based on a similar storyline as Pokemon, Axie is an NFT-based game that allows users to build up a collection of Axie, creatures that can be used to battle, build and even hunt for treasure.

 Each Axie is a unique creature with its own qualities and powers. Players can use their Axies to battle others, and the game rewards players with NFTs. These NFTs can then be sold for a profit to other players in exchange for crypto.

Axie Infinity made headlines when it became massively popular in the Philippines during the COVID-19 pandemic. Since the scope of earning real money in Axie is high, many players use the game to earn a living, making it a reliable Metaverse game.

8. Decentraland

If you liked the idea of owning virtual land in the metaverse but didn’t dig Sandbox, Decentraland is another excellent game. Decentraland is a Metaverse game that is fully decentralized, where users hold the world they live in. Like Sandbox, Decentraland allows players to build their virtual environment.

Gamers can choose from various pieces of real estate and buy them to keep as theirs. Players can even sell their virtual land or even put it up for rent in exchange for crypto. Moreover, Decentraland allows players to explore and visit other properties to socialize with people.

The game also holds various events around the clock where people can gather together as avatars and have fun. Decentraland’s art style lies in the middle of games like Roblox and Fortnite and is pleasing to the eye.

9. Illuvium

Illuvium is an open-world RPG game that is currently in active development. Based on uncovering facts and battles, the player’s goal in Illuvium is to explore the game’s world and collect creatures. Known as ‘Illuvial’ these deities-like creatures might have powers and be dangerous.

The player must also discover the cause of the cataclysm that shattered the land of Illuvium. The game-like other play-to-earns, is based on the Ethereum blockchain. Illuvium will see players building their ideal team of creatures and then battling it out with opponents.

The players may be able to sell these for-profit and play and earn simultaneously. There are over 100+ Illuvials to catch, and they will all contain different classes and powers. If the game’s website is anything to go by, Illuvim will be a vivid game full of beauty and variety.

10. Second Life

Second life is a Metaverse game that has been here for a long time. This online platform allows players to create an avatar and have a second life in the digital world. Second Life users are also known as ‘Residents ‘and can be made lifelike to look like the actual player. Moreover, Second Life allows players to have an entire Metaverse experience, including meeting other players, attending various events, and essentially living another life in this world. However, that’s not all.

Second life has a virtual marketplace where people can buy, sell and trade virtual items and a lot of other elements. These transactions use Linden dollars which require real money to buy. Items range from virtual furniture, clothing, and cars to real estate.

The metaverse itself is basically a collection of digital worlds that are connected. This connection means the metaverse comprises multiple apps and games that allow you to be part of an online community while representing yourself as an avatar.

Since Metaverse games dabble into multiple technologies, there are various ways you can access a Metaverse game. However, even at the primary level, there will be things you need to play the simplest of these games.

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